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Colour: Blue

Size: Great for cards, cash (all currencies), instant photos, keys, coins, receipts, parking tickets, etc.

Practical: Self-sealing material can be quickly re-adjusted to wrap over whatever you need to carry. Stack up or slim down, it'll always fit well. 

Tactile: Soft, flexible material won't damage pockets or scratch your phone. Easy to feel for in a bag, too. 

Quality: Strong, durable, tear-resistant material. We can't rip it by hand. This is designed to last. 

Care: After a while, dust might prevent a good seal. If so, just wash in warm soapy water - and it'll be good as new. 

Dimensions: Width: 95mm  Height: 70mm  Thickness: 5mm to 30mm (adjustable)

Weight: 5 grams

Other Questions: Just ask at!

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Shipping: For the launch we can only ship within North America! But we'll soon be able to cover the globe. Apologies in advance but stay tuned or email us and we'll see what we can do.