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Colour: Purple

Size: Great for cards, cash (all currencies), instant photos, keys, coins, receipts, parking tickets, etc.

Practical: Self-sealing material can be quickly re-adjusted to wrap over whatever you need to carry. Stack up or slim down, it'll always fit well. 

Tactile: Soft, flexible material won't damage pockets or scratch your phone. Easy to feel for in a bag, too. 

Quality: Strong, durable, tear-resistant material. We can't rip it by hand. This is designed to last. 

Care: After a while, dust might prevent a good seal. If so, just wash in warm soapy water - and it'll be good as new. 

Dimensions: Width: 95mm  Height: 70mm  Thickness: 5mm to 30mm (adjustable)

Weight: 5 grams

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